Fear In The Age of COVID-19

As with any challenge, it’s important to remember that you have a choice of perspective.

Choice is the one option that remains regardless of what the conditions take away. This truth is especially important to remember as you consider the unprecedented effects the pandemic has on our lives, our health and the economy. The virus is real and has consequences. However, your response to the virus is equally significant.

Try this exercise. Read this brief poem from top to bottom. Then read it again from bottom to top.

Afterward, decide how you want to move forward in the age of COVID-19 or any crisis. It’s your choice. Make it an empowering one.

The COVID-19 Choice:

Everything I’ve worked for is ruined

Everyone I care about is doomed

Because of COVID-19

And I refuse to believe that

I can come back stronger from this challenge

I know that this is my reality

To adapt and change

It is a waste of time


To cultivate positive emotions

It is useless

It is not true that

Life will be better

In the end

Jo-Aynne von Born, CPC

Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Workshops, Keynote Speaker


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