Boost your Mindset!

Have you noticed what an anxious mindset everyone has?

The COVID-19 global pandemic has brought uncertainty front and center in almost every person’s life in one way or another. Many of us have discovered a disempowering “inner critic,” which directs our lives and sees the worst for us.

Case Study

Jamie is a manager at a mid-sized organization. Because of the crisis, she had to make cuts on her team that she thought were temporary but now look as though they will be permanent. Jamie feels sad, scared and angry. At the same time, she is overwhelmed, having to reorganize her remaining team and keep their morale on track. Plus, she’s working from home with her spouse and two children.

Is it possible to find certainty in such uncertain times?

I believe it is. Just last year, the 2019 IBM Institute for Business Value report titled, “The enterprise guide to closing the skills gap,” reveals the most needed skills in the workforce. At the time they were flexibility, agility, adaptability, time management, prioritization, teamwork, communication, innovation, creativity, ethics and integrity.

Today and post-crisis, those same skills are needed more than ever.

After being coached for just a few weeks, Jamie discovered how to be more flexible and adaptable in a way that was authentic to her. She transformed overwhelm into clarity and was able to organize her team while being the genuine role model they needed. Jamie felt more grateful, compassionate and courageous. Her change in emotions released a flood of energy that she used to get her work done and find more quality time with her family, with much less guilt. Her shelter-in-place life is far from “perfect,” but it is much more manageable. She also has a strategy for how she will move forward in the new normal.

Level 10 Mindset® Coaching

You can make the switch like Jamie did with the Level 10 Mindset® coaching process.

Learn to develop an empowering “inner coach” who focuses on the best for you and within you. Shift your mindset for your advantage and the benefit of those you impact. Motivate yourself to thrive for the long term by knowing your value and knowing what you value.

If you want to shift your mindset and change your results like Jamie, contact me at for coaching details. Come to coaching with a challenge and walk away with a chance to succeed. All coaching is remote and scheduled at your pace and convenience.

No one knows what the post-COVID 19 world will be. However, you can be sure of how you will respond to it. Get coached to take charge and master your challenges. Level 10 Mindset® coaching will empower you to shift your mindset for new choices and behaviors that foster long term success and happiness.

Stay safe and resilient!

Jo-Aynne von Born, Certified Professional Coach

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