Win big in every area of your career and life when you’re authentic.

-Learn seven practices for deep-rooted confidence and far-reaching impact.

You have dreams for your life, goals for your career and desires for the quality of your life. To ensure you get what you want, it would be best to lookat how you operate and the effect that might have on your results.

If you ever had an illusion of security, the pandemic evaporated it. Today many of us feel less confident, paralyzed toward inaction or forcing control to compensate. Unfortunately, both approaches create less, not more, confidence and impact.

Honesty strengthens confidence and impact.

Authentic people succeed by being honest about their fears and doubts. They don’t shy away from what’s difficult. They embrace it as the foundation for unshakeable confidence and a genuine impact on others.

You can capitalize on your fears and doubts if brave enough to face them. Here are seven practices that develop your authenticity to respond positively and productively to anything that prevents you from succeeding.

Seven practices for authentic confidence and impact.

Authentic people seek the whole truth, knowing there are many sides to every “story” they tell about themselves. The result is that they can see with more clarity and compassion for more effective and sustainable solutions to any challenge.

In a leadership position, as a team member or in everyday relationships, authenticity is the turning point that can shift things in a positive direction. Aware of their limitations and those of others, authentic people rely on these seven practices to move past limiting fear and doubt.

Own your results – gain progress.

You can advance faster when you’re accountable for the consequences of your thoughts, beliefs, choices, and actions. If you refuse to be honest about how you contribute to what you don’t want, you miss out on the most empowering choice you can make. Changing what you’re doing that isn’t working.

Before you blame your losses and failures on others, be honest about what you need to change. When you shift one thing within your control, you initiate progress and create a domino effect that shifts situations and other people.

Be grateful – gain stability.

When you understand that anxiety about the future cannibalizes your power in the present, stabilize yourself by highlighting what’s working. Security is in the eye of the beholder. The world is naturally unstable. It’s up to you to maintain balance with gratitude.

If you lose your job or are passed over for a promotion, figure out the benefit for you in the future, no matter how small, to soften any anxiety about the unknown.

Be a continuous learner -gain adaptability.

When you accept that you don’t know everything, you realize there’s always something new to learn. This makes you more flexible and adaptable to the change happening with ever-increasing frequency.

The choice to continuously grow and develop instead of stagnate and remain fixed in your ways and perspective eliminates the fear of being obsolete or irrelevant.

Create a compelling vision – gain focus.

When you see how distractions steal your time and energy, you get serious about the meaning of your goals. Focus is easier and more natural when the vision pulling you forward is so personally powerful and engaging that you don’t want to get off track.

To stay focused on what you want, clarify what you gain if you succeed and lose if you fail. Use these stark, contrasted images and the feelings that come with them to push through any temptation to get distracted.

Take action – gain momentum.

When you recognize that waiting for the perfect time or circumstances to act or speak is an excuse for being afraid, do something immediately toward your goal. Take any small step. Self-assurance grows out of motion, not hesitation.

If it’s tough for you to get motivated on a project or make a decision, act before you feel ready. Any choice, right or wrong, will give you feedback that starts you on your way.

Embrace constructive conflict – gain influence.

When you realize that avoiding or consistently initiating conflict erodes trust in your relationships, you welcome honest disagreement. People feel safe when it’s okay to disagree with you without feeling degraded.

If you want a more positive influence over people, embrace positive conflict to strengthen trust in your relationships.

Attend to wellbeing – gain energy.

When you accept that your “well” isn’t unlimited, you give yourself the time to refresh yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Your power to succeed depends on your willingness to recharge.

When you feel burned out or overwhelmed, take responsibility for nurturing all parts of your health. Wellbeing is your responsibility, no one else’s.

Authenticity is the mindset of warriors and winners.

Authentic people don’t ignore or try to control reality. They bravely deal with things as they are by being candid with themselves.

There’s infinite strength in being honest. It helps you move forward in a balanced, adaptable and focused way. Honesty unleashes momentum, strengthens influence in relationships and restores your energy. It’s the fastest way to succeed and enjoy the process.

Strengthen your confidence and influence by being authentic; truthful with yourself and others. You’ll be poised to succeed even if it takes longer to win.

With authenticity, your success is just a matter of time.

Work Your Authentic Genius.
Questions to help you grow and flourish using your own intelligence.

1. In what ways are you being dishonest about your challenges?
2. What are you protecting yourself from?
3. What’s the worst and the best that could happen if you were more honest? 

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