How the confidence in your head puts success in your hand.

-What you believe determines what you do, impacting what you achieve.

Without confidence, the road to success will be tiresome. With confidence, you are naturally enthusiastic to seize opportunities, overcome obstacles and achieve your potential.

When confidence is low or false, you fall prey to imposter syndrome, doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud. When it’s exaggerated, you become arrogant, often masquerading insecurity as strength.

You’ll know you have authentic confidence when you hit that sweet spot between self-doubt and cockiness.  

What is confidence?
The Latin root of the word confidence is “with trust.” To be confident is the self-trust to work through anything, enlisting the help and resources you need.

Self-assured people trust what they know and what they don’t know. They see every moment as an opportunity to get wiser and go further.

What are the impacts of confidence?
As a leader or manager, you make bold decisions, take calculated risks and communicate clearly to inspire trust and respect from your team.

If you’re an entrepreneur, your belief in your business idea and ability to execute secures funding, attracts customers and helps you navigate the challenges of starting and growing a business.

At a job interview or while networking, you stand out and make a more favorable impression on potential employers, colleagues and peers.

Your career, performance and productivity soar as you take on exciting, challenging new tasks, meet deadlines and exceed expectations. You advance more quickly as you pursue leadership roles, ask for promotions and advocate for yourself in the workplace.

Your personal life will see higher fulfillment and satisfaction by setting meaningful goals, building healthy relationships and navigating life’s challenges gracefully.

How can you strengthen your confidence?
Here are three areas you can work on right now to boost your confidence:

Self-efficacy is the belief in your ability to accomplish specific tasks or goals in a particular area. Reflect on where you are confident and redirect any skills, resilience or positive mindset toward where you are lacking. Only some things will be transferable, but there will be enough to shift you in the right direction.

Self-image is the mental and emotional picture you have of yourself. Create a more positive self-image by being more compassionate about your mistakes and flaws, challenge any negative self-talk and refocus on your strengths.

Resilience is your ability to bounce back from adversity, adapt to challenges and maintain well-being despite hardship. Increase your resilience by engaging in activities outside your comfort zone, setting realistic goals with smaller achievable steps and identifying a compelling purpose to help you weather difficulties.

If you want more success in your life, look at your beliefs about what you are capable of, who you are and how much you can handle. True confidence embraces the curiosity, humility and willingness to learn and become the person you need to handle the success you want.

Be more confident by taking the sweet middle seat between thinking too little and thinking too highly of yourself.

With this powerful yet humble attitude, there will be so much more possible for you.

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Work Your Authentic Genius.
When was the last time you felt a boost in your confidence? What happened? How can you replicate it?

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