Who is Jo-Aynne?

My passion is to help you lead, succeed and be happy. From executive to entrepreneur to explorer, if you desire it for your career and life, I can help you achieve it.

-Get extraordinary results by engaging real-world and creative strategies.

-Achieve more in less time with awareness, action and accountability for your goals.

-Build authentic confidence by focusing on your unique and powerful qualities.

As a professional certified coach (PCC) from the International Coaching Association, I’ve coached and trained hundreds of people in travel, healthcare, banking, finance, global yachting, government and non-profit.

​With twenty-five-plus years of experience in publishing, sales and hospitality, plus professional acting and mindfulness expertise, I’m uniquely qualified to develop your leadership, communication and resilience for whole-person success and well-being.

You have goals and challenges. I have solutions that work.

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