I enjoy helping people shine and value the quest for excellence and accomplishment. I believe life is an opportunity to develop our talents and offer them to the world productively. My approach is sincere, understanding the ups and downs of high achievers. My greatest asset is my authenticity which inspires those I work with to relax and feel confident.

Authenticity utilizes your strengths and limitations as a springboard to achieving your goals and dreams. A unique and powerful person lives within you. Don’t be a copycat of others. Learn how to be your authentic best to propel you forward in your leadership, business and life.

With 25 plus years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience and expertise in mindfulness and the dramatic arts, my holistic approach guarantees breakthroughs no matter the obstacle. I’ve helped people excel in diverse industries of travel, healthcare, banking, finance, global yachting, government and non-profit.

I can help you too.

As your coach:

  • I don’t solve problems; I help emerge your brilliance to find solutions.
  • I don’t tell you what to do; I help transform your ability to trust what’s right for you.
  • I don’t improve your productivity; I elevate your awareness for higher performance.

Work with me.

I promise you won’t be alone pursuing the extraordinary career and life you want.

Bio: Jo-Aynne von Born is a Professional Certified Coach (ICF) and President of READYSETMORE (www.readysetmore.com), a professional and personal development firm. She is passionate about helping leaders, executives and business professionals develop more authenticity for robust leadership, success and happiness. Her workshops and keynote speeches inspire and provide practical tools for more engagement, productivity and fulfillment.

Jo-Aynne’s clients span a broad range of industries from global yachting, healthcare, and travel to banking, finance, government and non-profit. Her twenty-five years of corporate and entreprenurial experience plus expertise in mindfulness and the dramatic arts gives her a holistic and potent edge to help people emerge their authentic best for extraordinary results.

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