Sorry, But We Can’t Manage Time.

However, we can manage ourselves.

In our work and life, it’s likely that we feel overwhelmed by the situations, relationships and deadlines we are facing. What do we do? We blame it on a shortage of time! We say there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done.

Most people who believe they need to improve their time management really need to improve their self-management. Unfortunately, for some of us, it’s tough to admit there is an area of ourselves that could be improved to create more harmony with our ideas of success and well-being. How about changing the word improve to develop? Would you be open to developing a resource called YOU? That is self-management.



One way to look at self-management is to think of our day in terms of energy rather than time. Imagine, for a moment, that when we wake up each morning we have “100 units of energy” at our disposal to experience our day with. If we expend the 100 units before the day is out, we experience “burn out”. Every decision and interaction we have while in “burn out” will be based on insufficient fuel to continue our day in an affirmative way. After a good night’s sleep (that’s if we have one) our 100 units are replenished and we get to start all over again. Continue reading “Sorry, But We Can’t Manage Time.”

Learning to Fly is the Hardest Thing.

Have you ever tried to make a big change that you really want, but can’t seem to sustain the smaller changes in choice and action needed?

Sounds frustrating.

How does a bird learn to fly? How do we learn to fly? To take off in flight towards our goals? To say it more practically, how can we do more of what inspires us, more effectively, with more ease and less effort?

Set up a framework for accountability.


Whatever it is that we would like to see more of in our life, there is a gap between where we are now, with our two feet planted on the ground and where we would like to soar in the air.

If a bird could study all the mechanics of flying; the muscles needed to sustain wing span, how to use wind lift and make controlled landings, it still wouldn’t be a guarantee that it could fly. Actually, bird experts say that birds learn to fly because of two things, instinct and practice. Continue reading “Learning to Fly is the Hardest Thing.”

Defining Values That Matter

Are you interested in a career and life lived on your own terms and not the expectations of others?

Personal values are the key.

Defining Values That Matter Telecoaching Workshop (2)

Unfortunately, most of us are too busy trying to get ahead or just trying to enjoy life. We don’t take the time to define what is important to us, understand why it is meaningful, decide if these values are still relevant and most importantly, put these clearly defined values into action.

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The Power of Intentional Values.

What makes an individual stand out in the workplace regardless of their level in the hierarchy? What gives an entrepreneur the tenacity to keep going despite setbacks? How does a person move forward confidently in their career despite a lack of experience?

Clearly defined personal values.

Does that surprise you?


Values are the principles that guide our choices and actions. At best, they are intentional, based on thoughtful consideration. At worst, they are accidental or imposed, based on history and circumstance, which upon closer examination does not align with what we believe is truly important. Continue reading “The Power of Intentional Values.”

Why Values Matter.

Values are our roadmap. They define what we believe is important for our work and our lives. They determine our priorities from an endless to-do list. Values are individual, inner guidelines for our decisions and actions.


We all have values, whether we acknowledge them or not. Life is much smoother when we make an effort to recognize our values, refine them if needed and make choices which respect them.

If we are not clear on our values, our decisions are difficult and confusing based on changing external factors rather than on more stable internal principles.

Continue reading “Why Values Matter.”

More performance. Less pressure.

Have you ever found yourself stretched in multiple directions with the best of intentions to be high performing, to make a meaningful difference and to feel good in the process? In reality however, you find that your work suffers, you fail to make the impact and your energy level hovers close to zero.

Multi cultural group of young business people celebrating

Welcome to the club! Who hasn’t felt this way at one time or another? Many of us strive to have that perfect balance of productivity, fulfillment and well-being. We search for that optimum point where our work yields a valuable and satisfactory output, our life has meaning and we are healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. Continue reading “More performance. Less pressure.”