Executive Coaching

Executive-team-PRC-pageExecutive coaching is a tool for individuals and teams to maximize potential, build confidence and resilience, and resolve short and long-term issues.

The executive coaching partnership focuses on creative, thought-provoking exploration and accountability, engaging the whole person or team to be more self-aware, to make behavioral changes and to take action. As the “leader within” is developed, you project more of your authentic best to competitively respond to the fast-changing business landscape in a positive way.

Genius Performance Requires Self-Leadership.

This involves a clear view of yourself, of others, of what is important and what the optimal potential is in order to stay focused on the road ahead with minimal distraction. With more clarity and focus, you regain the mental, emotional and physical energy needed to boost resilience and the agility to move forward in a successful and sustainable way.

Leadership and Development

Those who succeed and thrive understand that great leadership is an integral part of success in any endeavor and that new behaviors are what drive real change.  Whether strengthening the leader within or leading others, executives make more powerful, positive choices when they learn to listen, reflect and then act. Continual professional and personal development is the basis for increasing your impact and your effectiveness at what you do.

Transition and Onboarding

Accelerating the process of developing the necessary skills to match the increased responsibilities of a new role is critical to the success of a promoted executive or new hire and the organization. For a new hire, integrating with company culture is a key focus to ensure high performance and loyalty.


Expanding an executive’s impact with stakeholders is vital to strong relationships and communication. Executives choose how to show up each day in a connected way that positively influences the way they are perceived, aligning their best self with other’s impressions.


Excelling in self-management is crucial to thriving amidst intense pressure. Executives uncover how to expand their overall stamina and capability. From task prioritization to recharge practices, executives design personalized systems for their best performance.


In addition to working with individuals, coaching is effective for enhancing the effectiveness of teams. Through the power of a shared experience, a coach can assist groups of individuals to excel as a team by helping them unite around a common purpose and goals with mutual commitment, focus and respect.

Workshop Facilitation

Customized workshops in self-awareness, mindfulness and a coaching approach to leadership are an effective way to provide focused learning opportunities for a specific group or team. Whether the goal is better performance, communication or talent management, I work with stakeholders to assess needs and design a tailored program that is both effective and engaging.

Mindfulness Speaking Engagements

Do you have an upcoming conference or event that could use an interactive and researched based presentation on the benefits of mindfulness for stress reduction, increased productivity and well-being? Mindfulness is an evidence-based practice that is being utilized by corporations and individuals alike. It is simple to learn and can be applied in a multitude of ways to foster better relationships, communication and decision-making. Mindfulness is a personal practice and a passion of mine that I am committed to sharing with others.

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