Coaching and Strategy

My goal is to bring out your best as you:

  • Define what you want and why
  • Connect purpose to what you do
  • Develop mindful awareness and emotional flexibility
  • Increase momentum with new habits of thought, word and action
  • Shift to growth mindset that welcomes feedforward, learning and persistence
  • Achieve what you want

Our work together will create the changes you seek as well as set the foundation for your continued growth and development beyond our engagement. You can count on me to be insightful, forthright and 100% engaged with you every step of the way.


Align the best of who you are with what you want to accomplish.

  • Leadership- Effectively lead yourself and others with clear values, vision and purpose. Accomplish goals by capitalizing on strengths and managing emotions, time and energy. Gain influence with constructive relationships, practical collaboration and appreciation of wins and contributions.
  • Endurance and Well-Being: Thrive amid intense pressure with a customized self-management strategy that includes best practices for physical, mental and emotional well-being that fit with your work needs and lifestyle.
  • Communication and Presence: Develop and deliver a clear, consistent and confident message with attitudes and behaviors that increase trust. Develop your inner “actor” for more impact in public speaking and to be more present and engaged with others.


Give your personal life a boost by taking time to do what gives you happiness and fulfillment.

  • Follow a Life Dream: What’s on your “bucket list” that you’ve always wanted to do?
  • Create Balance: What do you need for calm, clarity and happiness?
  • Succeed in a Transition: What opportunities are inherent in this life change? How can you stay mentally and emotionally centered?
  • Strengthen Relationships and Communication: What deeper connections you want? What can you do to make them happen?

Contact me and let’s discuss what you want, why it’s important and why now is the time to make it happen.