Your mindset is the starting point for change. Focus on where it needs to be to attain the level of success you want.

Jo-Aynne’s Level 10 Mindset ™ coaching creates a framework for you to identify your current level of thought, emotions and behavior and a pathway to shift them higher for better results. Outcomes include:

  1. Clarity about what is at stake
  2. Utilize values to drive you forward
  3. Mobilize your beliefs and emotions for action
  4. Strengthen skills and abilities
  5. Optimize mental, emotional and physical energy

Coaching services include:

  • 1:1 Coaching: Ignite discovery, development and hold you accountable to the mindset and actions relevant for success. Continual assessment of results and strategy adjustments as needed.
  • 1:1 Coaching Intensive: Half or full-day options aimed at solving an immediate need. Well suited for navigating a crisis situation.
  • Team Coaching: Unleash positive team dynamics. Create accountability for behaviors that increase cohesion, communication and collaboration for better outcomes.
  • New Leader Intensive: Help new or existing leaders strengthen the relationship with their team, open communication channels and resolve issues for improved interactions and productivity.

Contact Jo-Aynne for coaching options that range from a convenient monthly subscription plan, session packages or one-day intensives. Coaching can be done by phone, video call and in person.

Some people never take the next step. Others decide to make the call right away. What will you do?