Let’s get your teams inspired, engaged and motivated to perform at their Level 10 Mindset® best.

Your teams will experience more collaboration, innovation and cohesiveness with my interactive workshops and presentations.

My goal is to be relatable as well as informative and inspiring. I will create a memorable experience for your teams while providing practical, actionable information.

I train and speak on a range of professional development subjects including leadership, executive presence, public speaking, mindfulness and work/life management. Here is a sample of recently customized workshop and presentation topics for my clients:

  • Level 10 Mindset® for Resilience
  • Authentic, Core Values Based Leadership
  • Executive Presence: Develop and Expand It
  • Self-Leadership: Your Competitive Edge 
  • Public Speaking: Discover Your Inner Actor to Overcome Fear
  • Be Believable: Public Speaking From the Heart
  • Stress to Resilience: Mindfulness Strategies for Balance 
  • Mindful Conflict Resolution
  • Be Present to Inspire Sales 


“I truly enjoyed your presentation which reminded me of the importance of also taking care of our mind and emotional side. You know what I liked about it in particular? That it was based on tangible studies, facts and you incorporated the story of the Aetna CEO and your own also.  I hear a lot of presentations meant to be “uplifting” and “motivating” and most are just relating to abstract facts, appealing to stroking our egos and emotions. They don’t do anything for me. I challenged my 2 associates to a daily few minutes of mindfulness for the next 30 days and they took on the challenge, so have I.”

-Isabelle Grard, AWMA® Managing Partner, Financial Advisor – Mandart & Grard Financial Group, Fort Lauderdale