Defining Values That Matter

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This tele-workshop helps all levels of working professionals discover and take action on what is most important to them so they can work and live with more certainty and fewer distractions.

In this tele-workshop you will gain:

  • Insight into what really matters to you
  • Practice at articulating and implementing your values
  • Values based decision-making that is easier and more effective
  • Shared group experience with other like-minded professionals
  • Facilitation by a thought-provoking executive coaching partner
  • Participation from the convenience of your home or office

If you don’t take the time to clearly define your values, you end up taking the long and winding road towards your goals instead of a direct path. Knowing and acting on your values is the key to succeeding at life on your terms, rather than what others believe is important.

Over the course of 4 weekly, one-hour phone sessions, we will work together as a small cohesive group to define, refine, personalize and implement our individual values.

August 9, Week 1-Defining Values

August 16, Week 2-Values Meaning

August 23, Week 3-Values Blind Spots

August 30, Week 4- Implementing Values into Daily Life and Work

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Jo-Aynne’s coaching had a big impact on how I process information. I view things through a much wider lens now and have a new focus and direction for my career. Dan Martin, C.P.A. Austin, Texas

The tele-workshop is facilitated by Jo-Aynne von Born, executive coaching partner and CEO of READYSETMORE, a professional development firm serving individuals and organizations who value the flourishing of human potential.

With more than twenty years of experience in business development, managing sales teams and entrepreneurship, Jo-Aynne has worked in diverse industries such as corporate well-being, global yachting, publishing, advertising and hospitality.

Interested in discussing the workshop before you register? Contact Jo-Aynne by email with questions or to schedule a brief call.