Create a culture of success and well-being.

Educate your teams, workforce or community groups to work and live with more clarity, confidence and resilience. I deliver on-site workshops and presentations with a fresh approach that values the whole human being.

  • Flexible = one hour to half day workshops
  • Interactive = learn by participation
  • Research backed = trusted information

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Standard workshops that can be customized to fit your culture:

Stress to Resilience-Mindful Strategies for Balance and Focus.

Learn to build a resilient mindset to the inevitable stressors and distractions of work and life. Take charge of your attention, create more balance and be more focused with mindfulness and other mindset strategies. This research-based and interactive workshop dissects the automatic stress cycle and teaches you how to utilize simple mind and breath practices to respond more proactively. Learn practical tools that can be integrated into your day to gain perspective, stay engaged through challenges and better manage your attention. Mindfulness practices are being utilized by corporations and individuals alike to positively impact decision making, memory and communication.


Watch Harvard Business Review video on how mindfulness improves resilience.

Be Present to Inspire Customers.

Learn the art of being more present with customers in sales and business development situations to truly hear their needs and respond appropriately. Utilizing mindfulness tools, you will create inspiring, authentic interactions with customers that develop long-term trust. With more curiosity and receptiveness, you will naturally ask powerful questions that will help customers become aware of what they really want and allow you to share what you can do to help them achieve their goals.

Self-Leadership: Your Competitive Edge.

Enhance your self-leadership skills and increase your ability to influence your own thoughts, emotions and behaviors to achieve your goals and the goals of an organization. This practical workshop highlights the need for self-leadership as the foundation for successful collaboration with others, a key element of today’s competitive business environment. Learn to approach work, home/family, community, personal well-being, and health as one integrated whole for sustainable success. Gain more physical and mental energy as you effectively set your own priorities, take initiative and solve problems. When you lead from within, everyone wins.



Coming up:

FFEA Annual Convention: “Stress to Resilience -Mindful Strategies for Balance in Work and in Life,” Thursday, August 23 | 10:15am – 11:30am


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