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  • Harness Your Attention With Purpose. (Part 3)

    Harness Your Attention With Purpose. (Part 3)

    “Attention must be paid.”-Linda Loman, character in the play Death of a Salesman (This is the last of a three-part newsletter on creating success and happiness.) (Read Part 1) (Read Part 2) Your attention is valuable. It’s so precious that advertisers are willing to pay over $5 million for a 30-second advertising spot during the Super […]

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  • Unlucky? 5 Qualities That Will Change Your Luck

    Unlucky? 5 Qualities That Will Change Your Luck

    Good luck is defined as success brought about by chance rather than through one’s own actions. According to a recent Scientific American article, research suggests that our success may be influenced more by luck and opportunity than we believed in the past. Their findings suggest that where you were born, the name you were given and […]

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  • How To Get More of What’s Good.

    Find what’s good or great right now. Turn your attention there.

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  • Selective Is The New Smart

    If busy is the new stupid then selective is the new smart.

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  • What Are Your “Must Haves”?

    Or are you not curious about how you inhabit your life? Is life something that’s happening to you rather than something you’re engaging in? Are you coasting along for the minimal ride?

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  • How To Know What Is Important

    What are your core values? Have you taken the time to write them down? Do you even know what they are? Core values are what directs us in life. They can be different for everybody. Many of us have some idea of what they are or what we think they “should be”, but many have never actually taken time to investigate what they truly are.

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  • Want More? Choose More.

    Having more in our lives is about choosing more. Choosing more leads us to evaluate what actions it will take to realize our goals. It helps us look more clearly at what we want and decide what is worth our effort and what is not. It is a beautifully orchestrated system.

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  • What is Getting MORE All About?

    Who doesn’t want more of something? It’s a constant mental state for most people. We’re always not satisfied in some way or another. What’s at the root of this dissatisfaction?

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