The Games We Play

Who do you compete against? Other people or yourself? Whatever your answer, how can you use this to help you achieve more of what you want? For some, competing in business or sports is a thrilling game played with formidable opponents. It reflects a combination of strategy and skill. For others, competition is about being … Continue reading The Games We Play

What Does Respect Have To Do With It?

Respect is admiration or reverence for someone or something. I noticed some time ago that out of efficiency, I was semi-consciously breezing through tasks, conversations and decisions in order to “get to the good stuff” or what I assumed was of a higher priority.

Who Else Wants More?

Desire is at the heart of being human. We are wired to acquire. In some circles however, MORE has become a 4 letter word. Rather than resist this very human tendency, how about working with it? How about asking, "what do we desire and why?" Meditation is an excellent way to see how confused we … Continue reading Who Else Wants More?

How to Fail and Feel Good About It


Failure is such a taboo word in our culture. But when we’re making changes in our lives, we're certain to fail as we try different strategies. The good news is every failure is a reason to celebrate! Why? Because it gives you a direct experience of what doesn’t work. It’s an excellent way to get clarity.

What You Should Know About Habits

So, you’ve decided to make some changes this year. Maybe even decided to have some fun with it. Pumped yourself up with a list of what you want more of. Framed that in statements as if they are already true like I have an amazing network of awesome people who support me. I earn oodles of … Continue reading What You Should Know About Habits