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  • Crisis Management Mindset

    Crisis Management Mindset

    The Dow plunges 2,000 points. Coronavirus is coming to your hometown. What do you do? Do you rush into action or stand still and assess the evidence? Do you ruminate about what happened and stressfully forecast the worst future scenarios? Or do you steadily move forward with workable actions to stem the fallout while alert…

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  • A Mindset of Commitment and Passion

    A Mindset of Commitment and Passion

    Portrait: US Army (USA) Brigadier General (BGEN) John H. Stanford What happens when we decide to be “all in”? Why does it feel good and why is it good for us? Recently, I had the good fortune to facilitate a board of directors retreat for a local chapter of a national charity. I was once…

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  • How to Be the Best Version of You

    How to Be the Best Version of You

    Genuinely successful people measure themselves by what they can do – not what they have. Mindset is a set of attitudes and beliefs that govern all of our perceptions and behaviors. If we are not consciously shaping and molding our mindset, events and other people influence it without our discrimination. Are you willing to trust…

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  • What’s Your Mindset?

    What’s Your Mindset?

    Carol Dweck is a Stanford psychologist and author of Mindset, a book about her research in the area of achievement and success. She discovered there are two types of mindsets, or established set of attitudes, from which people engage with the world and with themselves.

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