What’s Your Mindset?

Have you ever wondered HOW you wonder? In other words, have you paid attention to the way your mind processes information?

What impact do you think this has on your motivation, achievement levels and how you relate to others?

Carol Dweck is a Stanford psychologist and author of Mindset, a book about her research in the area of achievement and success. She discovered there are two types of mindsets, or established set of attitudes, from which people engage with the world and with themselves.


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The Games We Play

Who do you compete against? Other people or yourself? Whatever your answer, how can you use this to help you achieve more of what you want?

For some, competing in business or sports is a thrilling game played with formidable opponents. It reflects a combination of strategy and skill. For others, competition is about being better today than they were yesterday. It’s still an exciting game but a solo one. No other players required.


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Step On Your Mistakes

“Don’t carry your mistakes around. Instead place them under your feet to use as stepping stones.” – Unknown

Wonderful wisdom, isn’t it? While steeping my tea bag in hot water this morning, I discovered the anonymous quote on the little paper square that hung over the side of the cup.

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The Quickest Way to Have More

There a short cut to having more in our lives. It doesn’t cost anything and anyone can do it.

But many of us don’t.

It’s called gratitude.

No situation is too dire to not be able to find something to be thankful for. Even if it is only the fact that you are able to read this post (or to write it). Continue reading The Quickest Way to Have More

Why We Don’t Change Bad Habits

Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Even when we know we have a habit that is detrimental to our well-being and fulfillment-either physically or psychologically, we still don’t put the effort into changing it.

We might think about all the ways we act, think or speak that are destructive or less than constructive. We might complain to our friends about how we should change, but we never take the consistent action required.


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How To Know What Is Important

What are your core values? Have you taken the time to write them down? Do you even know what they are?

Core values are what directs us in life. They can be different for everybody. Many of us have some idea of what they are or what we think they “should be”, but many have never actually taken time to investigate what they truly are.


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What Does Respect Have To Do With It?

One of the changes I am making in my life is deepening respect for myself and others.

Respect is admiration or reverence for someone or something. I noticed some time ago that out of efficiency, I was semi-consciously breezing through tasks, conversations and decisions in order to “get to the good stuff” or what I assumed was of a higher priority.


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How To Disrupt A Habit

Think about it.

Seriously. If we want to change a habit, we must think about it. Become more aware of it. When is it triggered? What is the payoff we receive?

On the road to having more of what we want in our lives, we will encounter roadblocks. Lots of them. They will show up as our counterproductive habits.

We want better health and yet we still take the extra helping at mealtime, often without realizing. We want more happiness and yet we still yell obscenities when we get cut off in traffic, ratcheting up our stress levels. We want more connectedness yet we continue to distance ourselves from loved ones when they don’t meet our expectations.

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Want More? Choose More.

Having more in our lives is about choosing more.

Choosing more leads us to evaluate what actions it will take to realize our goals. It helps us look more clearly at what we want and decide what is worth our effort and what is not. It is a beautifully orchestrated system.

That takes us to our truth.


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Are You Response-able?

What comes to mind when you hear the word responsibility? Is it positive or negative? Whatever our answer, we can recognize that our ideas about responsibility are nothing more than learned patterns of thought.

In other words…they’re habits. When it comes to living the life we want, how we habitually think about responsibility will either enhance or detract from our success.

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