Unleash your inner genius for the career, business and life that is perfect for you and benefits everyone in your circle of influence.

“I created READYSETMORE to solve a problem created by the dysfunctional belief that more success equals more stress. I had seen too many colleagues burn out trying to achieve success in a way that wasn’t a good fit, didn’t do any favors for the organizations they worked in and didn’t inspire the people they influenced on a day to day basis. I decided to create a professional and personal development company that would help people recognize their inner genius and learn to deliver that value to the world in a meaningful way that increases everyone’s bottom line.” –Jo-Aynne von Born, CEO, Certified Professional Coach

Influenced by her diverse background, Jo-Aynne offers you an interdisciplinary approach to development that uniquely helps you create and implement new solutions to old problems.

With leadership insights, you gain the ability to motivate yourself as well as others to move in a united direction. You will act with clarity, consistent values, an appealing purpose, appropriate risk-taking, teamwork and encouragement.

With mindfulness and emotional intelligence insights, you create a state of mind and a practice of attention management that gives you more access to the mental, emotional and physiological data you need for better choices.

With professional acting insights, you are empowered to learn how to be authentic and agile under any circumstance. Understanding human behavior and interaction from a performing arts perspective frees you to impact others in an intentional way even in the midst of chaos and uncertainty.

How willing are you to step up your game? How much purpose and energy do you want to work and live with? How much do you value human-centered solutions for yourself or your organization? If these are high priorities for you, then you are Jo-Aynne’s ideal client.

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Bio: Jo-Aynne von Born is an executive coach and CEO of READYSETMORE (www.readysetmore.com), a professional and personal development firm that partners with executives, entrepreneurs and organizations to fast-track more success with less stress. Jo-Aynne combines 25 years of experience in business leadership with expertise in mindfulness and the performing arts to help her clients move forward in an intelligent and imaginative way. 

Jo-Aynne has coached senior to mid-level business professionals in banking, travel, finance, healthcare, staffing, global yachting as well as non-profit and government agencies. She is located in South Florida and serves clients throughout the U.S. and globally.

Jo-Aynne received both her B.B.A. in Marketing and the Certified Professional Coach designation from the University of Miami. Her training also includes Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Sandler Sales Methodology and the Certificate of Core Training from the Actor’s Conservatory. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the International Coaching Federation.