Jo-Aynne von Born

Executive Coach, Trainer, Speaker

Tired of other people’s solutions? I can help you emerge your Inner Genius to achieve more of what you want for your life, career or business.

Hi. I’m Jo-Aynne. Success accelerator. Authenticity instigator. Creativity engineer. Mindset shifter. Challenge buster. Trusted partner.

My mission is to help you create authentic success and happiness by unleashing your exceptional mix of character strengths, values, skills and experience to fast-track the results you want.

When you lean on this Inner Genius, it’s easier to leverage challenges, drive positive change and achieve meaningful goals.

I’ve relied on my Inner Genius to reveal unlikely opportunities, transform myself and lead others to explore the boundaries of their potential.

Imagine what you can do.

Don’t settle for the status quo. Take charge of the extraordinary outcomes you want.

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