Welcome. I’m Jo-Aynne von Born, Professional Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer.

I help create extraordinary careers and lives.

We all live with two selves. The person we currently are and the one we know we can become. Life is an evolution. Nothing stays the same, including you.

My goal is to help you:

→Succeed at your optimal best.

→Speak with confidence, poise and presence.

Lead with positive influence and authenticity.

→Live and work with more satisfaction.

Evolve your best self by strengthening your Inner Genius – your unique set of values, character, skills and experience. Develop your self-leadership and resilience for more professional and personal fulfillment.

I followed this same path to unleash more of my potential, revitalize my career and lead others to extraordinary possibilities.

Imagine what you can do!

Interested to unlock the Inner Genius within yourself, your team or your organization for more authentic success and happiness? Reach out now to schedule a free call or request details about coaching, workshops or speaking engagnements.