What’s Your More?

  • More innovation and positive change?

  • More vision and fulfillment?

  • More energy and well being?

Be More Effective At Getting What You Want With Less Stress. 

I help people transform obstacles into positive momentum so that they can go from good to great performance, reach their higher calling or live that unlived life.

Activate your best self every day to move closer to what you want with more self-awareness and expansive thinking that questions assumptions and challenges beliefs. Develop powerful skills to disrupt what holds you back and overcome the complexities of work and life that weigh you down.

Work With A Committed Professional.

Executive coaching is a professional and personal development tool for decision makers, professionals and entrepreneurs.

By cultivating a one-on-one, high trust, high collaborative coaching partnership, we will navigate the best path for your success, strengthen your positive influence and create new thinking platforms to guide you in the future.

Align the best of who you are with what you want to achieve. 

Curious about how coaching can positively impact what you do and how you do it?

Find out by experiencing it for yourself! Contact me today to schedule a complimentary coaching session by phone or skype. There is no obligation and I promise you will gain clarity for your next best step.

Learn more about Jo-Aynne von Born, executive coaching partner.


“I would go so far as to say that working with Jo-Aynne was life changing. Through our partnership, I gained clarity in both my personal and professional life. I discovered what means to truly have balance in everything that I do. If you’re looking to find your “why” in life, I’d highly recommend working with Jo-Aynne.” Mike Gullickson, Healthcare Executive, Omaha, Nebraska
“Jo-Aynne’s coaching had a big impact on how I process information. I view things through a much wider lens now and have a new focus and direction for my career.”  Dan Martin, CPA, Austin, Texas