What if you could transform your goals into reality?

You can! I help you develop an agile, positive mindset which effortlessly aligns your choices for more success. As you become focused on what matters, strategic in your decisions and consistent in your actions, you will create the sustainable, measurable outcomes you want.

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Jo-Aynne von Born

Executive Coach, Strategist, Workshop Facilitator

Whether you are an executive, professional, entrepreneur or an organization looking to strengthen its talent, what would it be worth if you could:

Expand your leadership, creativity and fulfillment?

Strengthen your resilience, regardless of the challenge?

Be one of the 8% who succeeds with their goals?

No one needs coaching. It’s something you WANT.

Coaching is the secret behind pro athletes, elite performers and top leaders. Not everyone wants to harness more of their potential – but if you do, I want to work with you.

What does success mean to you?

Let’s clarify what you want and why you want it. Then you can confidently begin the journey towards more success with less stress.

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“I would go so far as to say that working with Jo-Aynne was life-changing. Through our partnership, I gained clarity in both my personal and professional life. I discovered what it means to truly have balance in everything that I do. If you’re looking to find your “why” in life, I’d highly recommend working with Jo-Aynne.” – Mike Gullickson, Healthcare Executive, Omaha, Nebraska

“Jo-Aynne’s coaching had a big impact on how I process information. I view things through a much wider lens now and have a new focus and direction for my business.” -Dan Martin, CPA, Austin, Texas

“Jo-Aynne is kind, helpful, insightful, compassionate and asks great questions. She’s an excellent coach and I recommend her.” -Karen Quigly, True Form Coaching

“I really trusted Jo-Aynne as my coach. She respected my values, challenged me when necessary and ultimately helped me get closer to the life I was longing to live.”  -Pamela Levine, Marketing Consultant, Miami, Florida

“I truly enjoyed your presentation which reminded me of the importance of also taking care of our mind and emotional side. You know what I liked about it in particular? that it was based on tangible studies, facts and you incorporated the story of the Aetna CEO and your own also. I hear a lot of presentations meant to be “uplifting” and “motivating” most are just relating to abstract facts, appealing to stroking our egos and emotions. They don’t do anything for me. I challenged my 2 associates to a daily few minutes of mindfulness for the next 30 days and they took on the challenge, so have I.” -Isabelle Grard, AWMA® Managing Partner, Financial Advisor – Mandart & Grard Financial Group, Fort Lauderdale

“I started working with Jo-Aynne about seven months ago. She has a way of pulling out the best qualities in me and allowing me to see them for myself and then apply them in my everyday life and with my clients. My confidence has grown immensely! I’m able to stretch myself in moving past my limits of self-judgment, creating new avenues of reaching more clients and sharing my gifts and talents on a larger scale!” – Regina Pasquarello, Owner Pranada Yoga, Taos, New Mexico