Welcome. I’m Jo-Aynne von Born, certified professional coach, trainer and speaker.

Are you frustrated with some aspect of your work or life? Would you like to experience more success and happiness?

You can have more.

  • Create more opportunities and higher performance.
  • Lead more confidently and effectively.
  • Enjoy more satisfaction and fulfillment.

I help intelligent business professionals develop authenticity for more success, better leadership and increased happiness. Authenticity is the expression of your Inner Genius- the combined strengths of your values, character, skills and experience- to navigate challenges and achieve the successes you desire.

As you uncover, appreciate and rely on your Inner Genius, you will thrive at work and in life. After years of missteps, I was able to emerge my hidden potential, revitalize my career and lead others to extraordinary possibilities.

Imagine what you can do.

Ready to discover what authentic success and happiness would look like for you?

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