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Jo-Aynne von Born, Executive Coach

Have more with less stress. I’ll coach you through the process.  


This is your opportunity to transform ordinary into extraordinary.

I coach inspired people from all walks of life who want to succeed and be happy. Why settle for the status quo when you can have more that is meaningful to you?

Embrace the unknown.

Choosing to have more involves change and uncertainty.  Whether you want to make a change or manage a change, I’ll help you succeed with more focus and less overwhelm.


Why do you need coaching?

You don’t. Coaching is something you want. You want someone who believes in you, holds you accountable and won’t buy into the doubts, fears and negative stories that hold you back. Not everyone wants this  –  but if you do, I want to work with you. 

Do you want more for yourself? 

Your success and happiness are on the table. Now is the most potent, powerful time to get started. Make the call. Begin the conversation that will shape the rest of your life.



“I would go so far as to say that working with Jo-Aynne was life-changing. Through our partnership, I gained clarity in both my personal and professional life. I discovered what it means to truly have balance in everything that I do. If you’re looking to find your “why” in life, I’d highly recommend working with Jo-Aynne.”
– Mike Gullickson, Healthcare Executive, Omaha, Nebraska

“Jo-Aynne’s coaching had a big impact on how I process information. I view things through a much wider lens now and have a new focus and direction for my business.”  -Dan Martin, CPA, Austin, Texas

“I really trusted Jo-Aynne as my coach. She respected my values, challenged me when necessary and ultimately helped me get closer to the life I was longing to live.” -Pamela Levine, Miami, Florida

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