Welcome. My name is Jo-Aynne von Born.

My purpose is to help you excel in the areas of work and life that are important to you by cultivating a mindset of success that aligns with your goals (and when applicable, the goals of the organization). I utilize a transformative, whole person approach that leads change from within yourself, shifts your perspectives, encourages curiosity and motivates action.

Clients I’ve worked with have:

1. Made significant decisions and achieved their goals with more clarity and ease.

3. Strengthened their leadership, performance and communication with more presence and confidence.

4. Increased their well being with more balance, energy and contentment.

Growth and development are my passion and purpose and the reason READYSETMORE was born. The driving force throughout my life has been to initiate, embrace and sustain positive change to ensure forward movement.

I continually focus on (and help others do the same) increasing self-awareness, resilience, motivation, optimism and self-efficacy to reach the meaningful goals I set for a productive, fulfilling and balanced life.

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Bio:  Jo-Aynne von Born is an Executive Coach, Strategist, Workshop Facilitator and CEO of READYSETMORE, a professional and personal development firm committed to coaching people to success with less stress.

Jo-Aynne draws from a unique background in business and the arts which include over 25 years of business development coupled with a decades-long personal meditation practice and an early acting career. She translates her multifaceted experience into work and life strategies that enhance confidence, presence, teamwork, communication and relationship skills, public speaking and the ability to understand different viewpoints.

Previously, Jo-Aynne was VP of Sales for a corporate mindfulness training company, publisher of a corporate mindfulness magazine and a global yachting publication, a SAG actress and an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. Her education and training include a BBA in Marketing and the Certified Professional Coach Certification from the University of Miami, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Sandler Sales Methodology and The Acting Conservatory. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the International Coaching Federation.


Organizations worked with: