Welcome. My name is Jo-Aynne von Born.

Mindful awareness, consistent action and reflection are the key ingredients to succeeding in a stable and sustainable way. Prior to becoming an executive coach, I was an executive in business development, sales management and an entrepreneur while raising a family. This challenged me to consistently create a quality of work and life that was productive, fulfilling and well-balanced. As a result, professional and personal development became my passion and is now the focus of my career.

Since we operate in an uncertain, distracted and complex world, my mission is to help individuals and organizations succeed in a purposeful, productive and practical way. For most of us, there’s a gap between the way things are and the way we want them to be. How we look at that gap and what we consistently do about it, is the difference between achieving our goals and falling short.

Clients I’ve worked with have:

  • Made important decisions they had put off
  • Strengthened their leadership, collaboration and communication
  • Renewed their enthusiasm, energy and drive
  • Created a higher quality of work, life, relationships and well-being for themselves and their teams

Organizations I’ve worked with include:



Bio: Jo-Aynne von Born is an Executive Coach, Work/Life Strategist and CEO of READYSETMORE, a professional and personal development firm committed to coaching people to success and fulfillment.

Before devoting her work full time to READYSETMORE, Jo-Aynne was VP of Sales for a corporate mindfulness training company, publisher and business development executive for a mindfulness magazine and a global yachting publication, a SAG actress and an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry.

Her education and training include a BBA in Marketing and the Certified Professional Coach Certification from the University of Miami, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Sandler Sales Methodology and The Acting Conservatory. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the International Coaching Federation.

On a personal note, Jo-Aynne has practiced mindfulness and meditation for 25 years and is a firm believer in its capacity to strengthen leadership, increase personal power and create a more balanced life.

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