My name is Jo-Aynne von Born.

Three words that describe my coaching approach are:


I work from a growth mindset that is open, agile and believes everyone has the potential to reach their highest aspiration. I enjoy developing a trusting, collaborative relationship that allows you to be yourself as you journey through self-discovery and find your best path to success.

Self-awareness is serious business for my clients and myself. With the courage to be more fully aware of beliefs, thoughts and emotions as well as strengths and gaps, challenges are more easily transformed.

As an objective and creative thinking partner, I am 100% committed to supporting you in breaking the status quo to move forward in a more productive, purposeful and healthy way.

Each coaching partnership is confidential and is customized to meet your needs for the current challenge as well as developing skills for future challenges beyond the coaching experience.

Leadership is an integral part of an executive’s life. By discovering how to listen, reflect and then act, you make powerful choices that positively impact the people and situations you interact with and are accountable for. By engaging curiosity, authenticity and courage to develop the best for yourself, for others and for a shared vision, everyone benefits with a greater ability to achieve more that means more.


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Jo-Aynne von Born is an executive coach with over twenty years of experience in business development, managing sales teams, publishing and small business ownership. Her skills have transferred to diverse industries that include corporate well-being, global yachting, publishing, advertising and event planning. She is a dynamic public speaker who moderates panels and executes presentations to corporate, community and civic organizations.

Jo-Aynne is a graduate of the University of Miami with a BBA in Marketing. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation and the Screen Actors Guild. Her training includes University of Miami Certified Professional Coach Program, Sandler Sales Methodology and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

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