Do you feel you have more potential?

I thought the very same thing.

During my 25-year career, I learned to access my Inner Genius to excel in business development and entrepreneurship in global yachting, corporate mindfulness and hospitality. I also enjoyed a brief, early career as a professional actress, honing my communication and public speaking skills that became vital career assets later on.

My wide-ranging experience working with people of diverse backgrounds helped me develop a broad perspective and increased my social intelligence. I have a love of learning, which engages my curiosity and willingness to take appropriate risks. I approach problems creatively, allowing for experimentation and innovation.

Throughout my life, I’ve worked at being my authentic best. It wasn’t always easy being honest about what I needed to do but it has been rewarding both professionally and personally.

Today, I coach, train and speak because I want to:

  • Support your unique value and intelligence.
  • Strengthen your ideas about what’s possible for you.
  • Share information that can improve your work and life.

My coaching and training have positively impacted clients around the globe. Whether you’re a rising leader and influencer or a seasoned business professional, I’m committed to helping you create the authentic success and happiness you deserve.

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook. Hear me speak on a couple of podcasts and watch videos on my YouTube channel. If you want to email me, send a note via my contact form.


Jo-Aynne von Born is a Certified Professional Coach and President of READYSETMORE (, a professional and personal development firm. She coaches leaders, executives and business professionals to emerge their Inner Genius for more authentic success and happiness. Her workshops and keynote speeches help engage, inspire and motivate people to work and live with meaning and fulfillment while delivering value to others. Jo-Aynne has positively impacted clients in global yachting, healthcare, travel, banking, finance, government and non-profit. You can reach her at