How to take flight in 2021

 “The price of greatness is responsibility.” – Winston Churchill With the new year around the corner, you may be thinking about how you want things to be different. At the same time, you might remember how, in the past, you started off the new year with the best intentions only to lose steam by February. Have…… Continue reading How to take flight in 2021

You Succeed According To How You Fail

“Most things disappoint till you look deeper.” – Graham Greene, English novelist I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had their share of disappointment this year. We’ve all been discouraged at some point in our lives, but this year it was magnified times ten!From career and business expansion to travel and wedding plans to health and wellbeing, our…… Continue reading You Succeed According To How You Fail

Resilience To The Rescue

“Under adverse conditions – some people break down, some break records.” – Shiv Khera, Indian author, activist and professional speaker Life can be complicated. Add to that the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic.The adjustments you have had to make in work and life schedules can take a heavy toll on your mental and emotional reserves. You may be concerned about…… Continue reading Resilience To The Rescue