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  • Why Authentic Leadership Matters

    Why Authentic Leadership Matters

    We live and work in a world packed with so much information, we exhaust ourselves trying to separate fact from fiction. So, when it comes to our leaders and influencers, we want direction and guidance that is simple, clear and honest. According to The Leadership Challenge, Sixth Edition, based on 3 decades of research and more than 1.3…

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  • What Does Authenticity Mean?

    Authenticity is being true to who we are and not trying to imitate someone else. When we walk our talk, others take note and listen. They trust us because we are consistent in our words and actions. Trust allows deeper,  more rewarding and fruitful relationships. Whether you are leading yourself, teams of people at work,…

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  • What is Getting MORE All About?

    Who doesn’t want more of something? It’s a constant mental state for most people. We’re always not satisfied in some way or another. What’s at the root of this dissatisfaction?

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