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  • The People Pleasing Habit

    Are you a people pleaser? What is people-pleasing? Is it helping others? If it was, wouldn’t that be called people helping not people-pleasing? To please is to give someone happiness or satisfaction. There is no helping in that definition. To help is to give assistance or support-not to deliver an outcome. People-pleasing is a focus […]

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  • Be Right or Be Quiet?

    If given the choice, which would you prefer: To prove you are right or to keep quiet?

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  • What Does Respect Have To Do With It?

    Respect is admiration or reverence for someone or something. I noticed some time ago that out of efficiency, I was semi-consciously breezing through tasks, conversations and decisions in order to “get to the good stuff” or what I assumed was of a higher priority.

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  • How To Disrupt A Habit

    Think about it. Seriously. If we want to change a habit, we must think about it. Become more aware of it. When does it happen? What’s the payoff we receive?

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  • One Habit to Stop Right Now.

    One Habit to Stop Right Now.

    Are you determined to take your life to the next level? Sick and tired of the status quo? Tempted to stick your head out the window and shout,” I can’t take it anymore?” Then there is one habit you must change. Can you guess what it is?

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