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  • Can you unlock the hidden key to your leadership confidence?

    Can you unlock the hidden key to your leadership confidence?

    -Is leadership confidence learned or earned? Confidence is fundamental to your leadership, influencing how you inspire and guide your team. But which kind of confidence is more important, learned or earned? Both are. Let’s look at each, the relationship between the two, and their profound impact on your leadership. Learned Confidence. Learned confidence in leadership…

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  • Crisis Management Mindset

    Crisis Management Mindset

    The Dow plunges 2,000 points. Coronavirus is coming to your hometown. What do you do? Do you rush into action or stand still and assess the evidence? Do you ruminate about what happened and stressfully forecast the worst future scenarios? Or do you steadily move forward with workable actions to stem the fallout while alert…

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  • Leadership Begins From Within

    Leadership Begins From Within

    Many people are trying to be better leaders. What’s the secret? Are better leaders created or are they just natural? Much leadership development focuses on how to lead change, foster collaboration and develop an effective leadership style, all crucial to leading a large organization, a business unit or a small entrepreneurial team. However, before jumping…

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  • Finding Your Extraordinary.

    Finding Your Extraordinary.

    Living an extraordinary life seems like something only rockstars in business, sports or entertainment get to do. But is that really true? Doesn’t extraordinary depend on how you define it and the context of how you’re living? For someone who is super successful in their career but lacks a depth of real meaning at the…

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  • The Power of Intentional Values.

    The Power of Intentional Values.

    What makes an individual stand out in the workplace regardless of their level in the hierarchy? What gives an entrepreneur the tenacity to keep going despite setbacks? How does a person move forward confidently in their career despite a lack of experience? Clearly defined personal values. Does that surprise you?   Values are the principles…

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