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Joyful Confidence for 2018

How do you want your life to be different in 2018? Would you like to ignite the enthusiasm and drive needed to make this year YOUR year to experience work and life on a whole new level?


As I reflect back on 2017, I am amazed at the desire and determination of the clients I coached to make life better for themselves in some way. While many people tolerate the discord in their lives as “just the way it is,” others are willing to address it. They are willing to look at what needs to be looked at with dignity and grace. They know that what they don’t know can really hinder them. They realize their best course of action is to look at the gap between where they are and where they want to be and use it as a positive motivator rather than another situation to be stressed about.

Although each client I coached this year had a different vision and set of goals, they all ended up in relatively the same place. I can best describe it as a state of joyful confidence. No matter if their struggle was with an important career or business decision they had put off, clarity for a meaningful direction, enhancing leadership abilities or communicating better, the net result was increased self-reliance that made them happy.

Joyful confidence offers much more than just achieving the goal you set out to achieve. It is the magnificent knowledge that you have what it takes to navigate any issue, to look within and without, to be discerning, to take actions and to refine your learning so that your path forward is clearer each day.

What do you want for 2018? What are you ready to address?  If you want to transform the stress of an unresolved issue into the positive energy and focus that will move you forward joyfully and confidently, let’s talk.

Until then, wishing you a healthy, wealthy and wonderful new year!

Jo-Aynne von Born, Executive Coach and Work/Life Strategist


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