What’s Your Sweet Spot?

Your optimum potential is that sweet spot which lies at the intersection of effectiveness, fulfillment and well-being where work and life are integrated with a state of ease and balance. It’s a distinction based on our individual capacity, values, goals and willingness.

It doesn’t mean that situations are never challenging. Quite the opposite, it’s the understanding that challenges inspire us to hone our focus, develop more resources and cultivate our resilience.


Most of us never take the time to reflect on how we can best add value to the world. Instead, we think about what kind of job we want. We may never ask ourselves what gives our lives meaning. Instead, we think about efficiency. We may not equate the state of our health with the state of our mind. Instead, we look for quick fixes to physical symptoms.

I know that there never seems to be enough time in the day for reflection like this. Or is there? If we don’t set aside a few minutes each day to DECIDE what the quality of our work and life will be, then somebody else will. We will be at the effect of everyone else’s choices for us. This may work for only so long before the frustration of a daily routine of putting out fires rather than getting closer to our goals takes a great toll on us.

Here’s how to begin:

Take time to reflect on this. How could the few minutes spent today save you years of working and living below your optimum potential? Is it worth missing your sweet spot?

Jo-Aynne von Born, Executive Coach, Workshops, Keynote Speaker


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    • Thanks for your comment. I agree. We always have a choice of where we want to spend our time and energy. Without innovation, where’s the fun?

    • Hi. Thanks for letting me know this resonated with you. Sometimes, I find that doing this alone can change the whole dynamic of a job.

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