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  • Step On Your Mistakes

    “Don’t carry your mistakes around. Instead place them under your feet to use as stepping stones.” – Unknown

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  • How To Know What Is Important

    What are your core values? Have you taken the time to write them down? Do you even know what they are? Core values are what directs us in life. They can be different for everybody. Many of us have some idea of what they are or what we think they “should be”, but many have never actually taken time to investigate what they truly are.

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  • What Is Behind Our Desires?

    Did you ever wonder what is behind your desire for more? Not the quantity kind of more. The quality kind of more. The more we may find ourselves desiring with increasing awareness.

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  • Are You Wired For Negativity?

    Are You Wired For Negativity?

    Research says yes. Sorry, if you thought you were a positive person…. It’s called negativity bias. It’s sourced from a region of our brain that formed eons ago when when we roamed the Earth scanning for any sign of physical threat in order to survive.

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  • What is Getting MORE All About?

    Who doesn’t want more of something? It’s a constant mental state for most people. We’re always not satisfied in some way or another. What’s at the root of this dissatisfaction?

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