Step On Your Mistakes

“Don’t carry your mistakes around. Instead place them under your feet to use as stepping stones.” – Unknown

Wonderful wisdom, isn’t it? While steeping my tea bag in hot water this morning, I discovered the anonymous quote on the little paper square that hung over the side of the cup.

My mind immediately formed a visual. I saw a cloth sack of heavy stones slung over my shoulder. My posture was hunched from years of carrying the excess weight. I released my grip on the sack and let it slide to the ground. Standing up straight for the first time in years, I felt relieved.

I untied the sack. One by one, I and pulled out the stones and laid them at my feet. When I was done, there was a beautiful path forward disappearing into the distance. Each stone was different. Each had imperfections and variations in color and size forming an interesting mosaic design.

Kicking the limp sack out of the way, I stepped confidently on the first stone. I let all my weight sink onto it. Instead of being a slave to the weight of the stone, I was using its mass to elevate myself.

Instantly, I was grateful for the higher perspective. When I glanced down, remembering the mistake the stone was cast from, I felt a flinch of pain and regret. But the potential destination of the stone pathway was stronger. I embraced the mystery of my stones and stepped forward again, sinking all my weight into the next one. I was reversing years of belief that I had to bear the burden of my mistakes.

Today, I was shifting the burden to the stones. I would allow them to carry my weight instead of the other way around.

Now, my mistakes would be the solid bedrock that I would build my future on. Never again would they be an anchor to the past.

Not too shabby for a cup of morning chai?

What if you could step on your mistakes instead of lugging them around?


5 Minute action item – Today is our day to celebrate wins and losses with gratitude. Mistakes are often seen as losses. At best, something we can learn from and move past and at worst, something to hide. How about using them as beautiful building blocks? Take a few minutes to jot down mistakes you made this week (or anytime in the past) that could lay the ground work for a solid future.


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