What Is Behind Our Desires?

Did you ever wonder what is behind your desire for more?

Not the quantity kind of more. The quality kind of more. The more we may find ourselves desiring with increasing awareness.

There is something within us, that at some point, will begin to discern what is worth focusing our attention on and what is not. Something that will start demanding we choose deeper, more lasting value over what is momentary and fleeting.

This is the moment to appreciate that aspect of ourselves. Or at least to wonder about it. Maybe for the first time.

Nothing is worth achieving or experiencing without being in touch with the ONE who is achieving or experiencing. Sound strange?

We can get so busy with our lives, with our good intentions, with our desire for becoming the best version of ourselves, that we forget who we are at our core. Or we forget that we are even something at our core that is separate from our desires.

Up until now, we may have thought of ourselves as merely goal setters and accomplishers. Or experience chasers.

Many of us are sleepwalkers through life. We know we are in action because there is evidence of it, but a certain richness or aliveness is missing. We are missing – that original essence of us which is often overlooked or ignored.

There is an “originator” aspect of ourselves which is the driving force for the actions of our bodies and the strategies of our minds. It can be thought of as our pure potential. A compressed energy we enter the world with that is waiting to express itself in some particular way.

Most of us are concerned with how it will be expressed. It is equally important to appreciate what it is and the fact that it is even there at all to be expressed.

And to wonder that if perhaps, this what that is behind our desires  –  is really a who.

Investigating or just spending a little time with the idea of an “originator” at our core (beyond our personality) creates a fundamental shift in how we view ourselves. We become more of a witness to our lives while simultaneously remaining a player within it.

There’s value to having a deeper identity, an objective friend of sorts who is by our side always, watching from an impartial perspective, guiding when necessary but always….always supporting.

Today is a day for us to take a different kind of action. The action of pausing. A time to reflect on this mysterious aspect of ourselves which is behind our aspirations. And to be grateful that it is there, consistently fueling our drive to get up each day and start over.

We are very lucky people to have such a friend who asks so little of us. Who stands so patiently by our side, never asking to be acknowledged, yet steadfastly there for us, awake and alert.

Today is a day to ask ourselves… How can we appreciate what is behind our desires?


Today’s action item-Celebrate and get to know the aspect of yourself that stands apart from what you want more of. Start a dialogue by writing down questions you would like to ask it. No answers needed. They will bubble up later at the right time.


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