Who Else Wants More?

Desire is at the heart of being human. We are wired to acquire. In some circles however, MORE has become a 4 letter word. Rather than resist this very human tendency, how about working with it? How about asking, “what do we desire and why?”

Meditation is an excellent way to see how confused we are about the pursuit of more. If we can get past the initial unsettling experience of mental noise, we can connect with an undercurrent of clarity and calm. At this point, we can look at our desires and see how trivial many of them are. We can also realize what is truly important.

At the heart of meditation is the practice of increasing awareness. This includes the interior world of our thoughts and emotions as well as the exterior world of our actions, other people and situations.

For many beginners, the meditation experience is more nerve-wracking than nirvana. If you can stick with it, even for a short time, you will feel its benefits.

We can also raise our awareness by writing down what we want more of. Think of it as an active meditation. We can take a few deep breaths and reflect on what we want, then write it down. As soon as it hits the paper, if it’s not authentic, if it’s not something that feels worthy of our full attention and effort, we’ll know to toss it out.

As we practice being more purposeful in our pursuits, we may decide that it quality rather than quantity we are looking for. With focus, we may also experience the same calm that meditation promises. Sometimes we can feel agitated too. Especially when we find ourselves off course. This is good. It’s an opportunity to celebrate what doesn’t work. And revise it.

Being intentional brings more peace. When we are clear about what we want and why, confusion lessens. Consistently finding a few minutes each day to write down what we want more of helps relieve anxiety. We are happier with a direction. We are more easily motivated to take the necessary action.

Research shows that writing can be especially powerful for changing behaviors. Our brains will struggle to match the scenarios we’ve committed to paper. Check out this NY Times article that shares recent studies in this area.

Every day, writing a list of what we want more of in our lives, harnesses our brain’s attention to make better choices. It also develops the willingness and follow through needed to change any habits that get in our way.

So we’ve got the power of the pen. Let’s use it! Let’s be bold about what we want! Let’s make sure our energy is focused on what makes us feel fulfilled each and every day.

After all, we are the authors of our individual lives. As such, we are responsible for its content.

What’s on your MORE list?


Today’s 5 minute action item-Write down what you want more of in your life. Don’t worry about getting it perfect. It will evolve and refine itself as you do this every day. This type of daily committed focus is incredibly powerful and life changing.

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