Are you suffering from a personal energy crisis?

– Boost your energy and get more done at the same time.

Work is getting more demanding with every passing day. Most of us respond by working longer hours which leads to burnout. What if there was a way to get more done in less time? There is. It’s called energy management instead of time management. When you increase your energy reserves, you get more done of a higher quality and in less time.

Tony Schwartz is the CEO of The Energy Project, which specializes in the intersection of well-being and high performance. I’ve used his energy management system and distilled it for others. Your time is limited. You can’t create more time but can generate more energy to use it more effectively.


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Here are the four ways to increase your energy and output all while feeling good.

Nutrition, exercise, sleep. Good health habits lead to more energy. There’s just no other way around it. No matter how many shortcuts you take or apps you download to make life easier, you won’t be able to perform at the levels you want without high physical energy.

You can also renew your energy throughout the day by working in 90 to 120-minute spurts with a short break. For these breaks to be effective, you must completely disengage from what you are doing. Try taking a short walk, calling a friend or listening to music.

Most people today have a crisis of concentration. They multitask for more productivity, but studies show it makes you less productive. Reduce distractions to monotask and increase your concentration. Try checking your email or answering the phone at specific intervals. Schedule “meetings” on your calendar that are really “free” time to work without interruption.

Be intentional about starting your day working on the task with the most long-term impact rather than jumping at the first thing the morning presents. Again, unless it’s an emergency that can’t wait to be addressed in the next couple of hours, stick to tackling what has the most long-term benefit first.

Most of us perform better when we feel positive. You probably don’t need a research study to tell you this, but many are available. You can’t prevent negative feelings but don’t let them linger either. When fight, flight or freeze emotions take hold, take a few deep breaths to shift to a more positive or at least neutral track.

Appreciation and gratitude are natural and powerful mood enhancers. When you feel low turn your attention to what is working or beneficial. Prompt positive emotions with these questions: What’s the good in all this? How will I feel about this in six months? How might the opposite be true?

Your energy levels soar when you act aligned with what you value. Authenticity is energizing. Regularly check in to make sure you are finding a way to add meaning to your work and your life, no matter how small at first. Clarify your priorities and create daily rituals that provide time to focus on them.

Uncovering what you most dislike is a great way to find out what you value. If you can’t stand stinginess, laziness or rudeness, you probably value generosity, innovation and kindness. Make sure you integrate these values in what you say and do.

Body. Mind. Emotions. Spirit. Pay attention to all four areas to boost your energy and get more done than you ever thought possible. Feel free to reach out if you want further clarification on how energy management could help you be more productive.

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Jo-Aynne Von Born, Leadership and Executive Coach

Work Your Authentic Genius.
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  1. How much energy do you have to get things done most days?
  2. Which area, body, mind, emotions or spirit is most critical for you to address first?
  3. What change are you willing to implement in the area today?

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