Self-Trust is the first secret to success.

Self-Trust is the first secret of success.
– According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, American poet and essayist

Lori is anxious about her performance as a leader, struggling to get her team to meet her objectives. Randy is worried about meeting his sales quota this quarter. Josh is an entrepreneur in the tech industry concerned his product may become obsolete.

Who doesn’t struggle with stress and anxiety these days? It seems to be everywhere, professionally and personally.

What’s the cause of this crisis of confidence?

We don’t trust ourselves. We’ve forgotten how resourceful we can be, approaching situations head-on and optimizing what we have.

Decoding your anxiety.
Many of us have an attitude of doubt or helplessness regarding specific problems. We may feel confident and competent in some parts of our life but woefully inadequate in others.

Attitude is an established way of thinking and feeling reflected in our behavior. It can be different for different aspects of our lives. Our experiences and the influence of other people shape our attitudes.

Unfortunately, without self-awareness, unchecked attitudes rule what we see and what we do.

Move from helpless and doubtful to empowered and confident.
In our success-oriented culture, admitting our doubts or feelings of helplessness can be challenging. However, it’s less daunting if you balance it with believing in your ability to be resourceful.

Resourceful people put all their energy into what’s in front of them. They don’t waste time wishing for things to be better or different. They deal with reality as it is, knowing that’s the quickest way to create a better future. They see their constraints as perfect launching pads for simple and doable solutions.

When you engage resourcefulness, self-trust returns. In real-time, you prove that you can do something about the challenge, no matter how small. Your confidence and empowerment soar. You stop wishing everything could be worked out immediately, appreciating every action as a decisive step forward.

How to improve your resourcefulness.
Make a list of past successes in problem-solving. Update it often to build self-trust and confidence. Adopt a “will do at any cost” attitude. Don’t give up when you can’t find an immediate solution. Be willing to explore options that don’t seem logical. Note what other people are good at and ask for help. Embrace the power of humility by asking questions to pursue knowledge that can be a resource later on.

If you find yourself similar to Lori, Randy and Josh in the opening examples, ask yourself, “If I can’t trust my own resourcefulness, what can I trust?” Many people settle for mediocre careers and lives because they accept distorted attitudes that inhibit self-trust.

Don’t let this be you. Trust your resourcefulness and watch anxiety dissipate. Self-trust is the first secret of success.

Til next week,
Jo-Aynne Von Born, Leadership/Executive Coach

Work your Authentic Genius.

  1. You’re working on a project with multiple tasks. How do you ensure efficient use of your time?
  2. You need to cut costs at home. How do you determine what to cut without sacrificing quality of life?
  3. You’re concerned about a presentation you must make at work. How would you approach someone for help?

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